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The History of HydroSport


The first Hydrosport was created in 1999 as the brainchild of Norwegian Eddy Johansen who entered the boating business in 1985, over 30 years ago. In the first years the production at Hydrosport was based on sport and fishing boats.


In 2009 a new era began, with a complete new line-up created by the same team that had made the initial rib models. With the added knowledge and experience from the old models, the current models are made with today’s technology and clients requirements.


Since the beginning Hydrosport has always strived to apply the best practices in the industry. Through an integrated solid waste and power management system, we have been able to reduce energy consumption and waste in production to a minimum level, assuring that a significant part of waste is recycled.


But it does not stop there. As a matter of fact it is only the beginning, because all Hydrosport are more environmentally friendly than most other craft of equivalent size and capacity. Thanks to our in-house developed stepped hulls, our boats need 15-30% less fuel than conventional hulls to travel the same distance at the same speed. In comparative tests conducted by renowned magazines, the results are always the same: our hulls handle better and need less power.


Furthermore, a Hydrosport is built to withstand all types of climatic conditions and environments, from the heat of the Mediterranean to the most demanding and harsh arctic climates in northern Europe

HydroSport at Ash Marine UK


Since opening Ash Marine back in 2003, the company has grown from a small chandlers to a full leisure retailers specialising in boat sales throughout Devon and Cornwall.


Our skilled engineers offer a comprehensive engineering service for both Inboard and Outboard engines


We searched the globe for a range of ribs that would match the quality of our Spectrum fishing boats.

When we discovered HydroSport we knew we'd found a boat we could be proud to distribute in the UK.

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